What to Expect

Animal Care Surgical Specialists provide a wide variety of services for patients and their owners. Although we are well versed in all facets of surgery, not all situations benefit from a surgical approach. Many cases may be suited to a more conservative treatment or integrated therapy. Over the years, experience have shown the wisdom of listening to our clients, helping people understand the cause of the problem and the options available. We always seek to provide compassionate personalized care that encompasses the needs of the patient and family. Thoughtful planning and decision making are always the foundation of any good treatment plan.

The initial step is always a consultation to evaluate the patient and family needs. Medical records and any prior diagnostics will have been requested from the primary care veterinarian and reviewed with the owner. Further tests and diagnostic imaging are available if needed. Lameness evaluations are a commonly performed consultation and in many cases a limping patient may need to be evaluated thoroughly before a diagnosis can be made.

A decision to recommend surgery is not taken lightly and can involve many factors. Overall, we try to provide the best quality of life while minimizing risk and discomfort. We believe strongly in combining the art and science of surgery and decision making to take into account both family and patient.

When surgery is the best choice, we are experienced and equipped for a wide variety of procedures. Orthopedic procedures include hip, knee (such as TPLO) and other joint surgery including traumatic injuries, fractures, dislocations and ligament injuries. Soft tissue injuries or removal of large tumors may need skin flap (graft) procedures with which we have extensive experience. Head, neck, airway, thoracic and abdominal surgery are also commonly performed. We always use extensive anesthesia monitoring and support with personalized attention. Anesthesia is as important as the surgery and we take special care to provide the best.

Following surgery our pets cannot take care of themselves and we take a team approach to this vital aspect. Even though our staff have decades of experience with animal care, we realize that for each case, it is often the first time for the owner to provide such care at home. This can be a challenging task. We educate owners thoroughly so that appropriate comfort needs, medications and care are provided to bring about the best results and peace of mind. Periodic reevaluations to follow the healing process are provided to guide and maintain smooth recovery.