• Anterior cruciate ligament (TPLO, extracapsular options, meniscectomy)
  • Patella luxation surgery (traditional stabilization and/or femoral osteotomy)
  • All types of fracture repair and joint reconstruction/stabilization (closed reduction, open reduction, internal and external fixation systems including locking plating systems), arthrodesis
  • Evaluation and surgical treatment of oncologic case including thoracic and abdominal procedures and flap or free graft reconstruction procedures for large wound defects.
  • General thoracic and abdominal surgery: lung lobectomy, PDA, hernias, liver resections, biliary mucocele surgery, bowel surgery, urinary tract surgery
  • Head and neck surgery including upper airway reconstruction, laryngeal paralysis surgery, oncologic resections, salivary mucocele, ear ablation surgery.